On which flights can I order an iFLEAT menu?

You can check our destinations and routes on our website www.ifleat.com. We are expanding fast so continue to follow www.ifleat.com!

Until when can I order an iFLEAT menu?

You can order your iFLEAT menu from the moment you book your ticket up to 12-24 hours before departure depending on the city of your departure. We recommend you order your iFLEAT menu as early as possible to ensure your choice is available on your flight.

Can I order an iFLEAT menu for other passengers?

You can order for all passengers which are included under the same booking reference. When entering your name and booking reference these passengers will appear in the order process.

Why am I unable to order my iFLEAT menu on an available route?

Sorry, only a limited number of iFLEAT menus can be ordered on a flight. If your choice is unavailable, this will be shown in our app and online order system.

Can I cancel my iFLEAT menu and if so, will it be refunded?

It is possible to cancel up to 48 hours before flight departure. Notice of cancellation should be sent by email to contact@ifleat.com

Does iFLEAT also offer menus for children?

Our chefs are developing delicious healthy finger licking menus for children which will be available soon. Please follow www.ifleat.com for further news!

When will my iFLEAT menu be served?

Your iFLEAT menu will be served after departure, to replace the standard Economy Class service.

Does my iFLEAT menu differ from the one illustrated on your ordering platform?

Under normal circumstances, no. We cook our dishes with the best ingredients available. Sometimes the seasons and nature produce seasonal differences, or due to unavailability there may be substitution of the ingredients. However, we promise the taste will always be mouth-watering and delicious.

Will my normal meal also be served in addition to my iFLEAT menu?

This depends of the airline carrier. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the airline you fly with.

Where can I find information on lifestyle and dietary on the iFLEAT menus?

On every menu, we have the dietary and lifestyle icons that will give you the correct information.

I travel often and have a passion for eating in restaurants all over the world. If I have a favourite dish, recipe or restaurant I visit often may I suggest this to your Chefs?

We would love to hear your travel stories of delicious dishes and favorite restaurants. Please write to us at contact@ifleat.com.

Can I choose iFLEAT menus offered on other routes?

We are sure you would love to, but menus on other routes are only from the departure city.

Will I receive an invoice for the order I placed?

Yes, you will first receive an order confirmation after you made the booking which will be sent to the provided email address. An invoice will be sent on the day of your flight departure.

I am allergic to certain ingredients, where can I find allergen information of the menu?

You can find allergen information for each menu on the menu detail page by clicking on the allergen icon.