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Veal Spezzatino




Veal Spezzatino
Crunchy seasonal green salad with lightly roasted green and red peppers, pine seeds and Parmesan cheese served with a balsamic dressing

Slowly braised veal cheeks with carrots and celery, served with classic Italian polenta and rich veal sauce

The classic Italian dessert. A layer of creamy mascarpone set a top espresso soaked ladyfingers


Abu Dhabi


Circo offers Italian flair built upon a foundation of signature Tuscan recipes from the kitchen of Maccioni matriarch Egidiana and prepared by Chef Matteo. The menu is served in a lively setting reminiscent of the old-style European circus tents which inspired the restaurant’s name. The menu features signature Tuscan dishes with authentic recipes passed down through the generations of the Maccioni family who founded the restaurant. Make sure you try the salmon and beetroot tartare with oyster mayo, the sweet pea and mint soup with king crab and the authentic Tuscan seafood stew. Freshly made pizzas, pastas, fish and meat dishes and desserts, using only the best ingredients one can find. Circo’s dining room takes guests on a journey from the lively streets of Abu Dhabi to a playful European carnival tent through its imaginative and charming design. The radiant colour palette and cheerful decor creates a vibrant, whimsical and dynamic ambiance that is enhanced by luxurious interior design.